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Our Goal and Policy




Safer Treatments

It goes without saying that the safer treatment is the most critical issue. We are always on the basic understanding that the surgical treatment is primarily dangerous. Off course, the medical technology make it safe, but the danger is apt to be forgotten under the progress of the medicine. We share this understanding with patients, and are taking a cautious stance to the medical treatments such as the surgeries.

Natural Results

We don't mean the words "natural results" as a not outstanding, featureless and boring styles. As the anatonym of "natural" is "unnatural", the unnatural results mean to be noticeable as it had been operated. Our goal is the reuslts that are unnoticeable as it had been operated, and represent physical beauty with keeping to the normal from medical and anatomical point of view. Particulary, concerning the operative scars, we pay particular attention to suturing techniques. The skill of wound suture cannot be mastered in an overnight, and I have long been cultivating the skull of wound suture with assiduity by performing my best suture in every trivial wound since I was resident.

Painless Treatments

The pain associated with medical treatment has often been neglected, but we consider it to be a serious issue. The pain associated with performing local anesthesia greatly depends on its manipulation. Therefore, we have been making continual improvements on anesthetics, needles, manipulations, etc. Particularly on the surgery influencing aesthetics, such as eyelid surgery, the additional minor revision surgeries are occasionally necessary. In order to underwent secondary revision without reluctance, it is important to have performed primary surgery enough painlessly.

Confortable Services

Clinics are usually not a delightful places to visit. To wipe out such image, we are making effort to make improvements on the receptions, services and atmospheres of our clinic.

General Anesthesia

Our clinic has an equipments for general anesthesia, and we have performed surgeries under general anesthesia about once a week so far.

Nose Surgery

This is our field of specialization. Particularly, the nasal bone osteotomy techniques which are applicable for the diseases such as the deviated nose have performed numerously, and by improving instruments such as chisels uniquely by us, we could have reduced intraoperative bleeding and postoperative swelling considerably. And our original research results are also one of the basis for our surgical techniques.
The shape of the nose is not as simple as supposed. To achieve a "physical beauty" of the nose, it should be make progress internally including basic structures of the bones and cartilages. Additionally, there are various beautiful and complex portions in every inborn nose, which are irreproducible by surgery. We consider it also important to not forget that these portions should never be destroyed nor removed surgically.

Eyelid Surgery

The anatomical structures of the eyelids are extremely delicate and complex, and there are also portions that cannot be perceptible until plenty of surgical experiences, and our original research results are also one of the basis for our surgical techniques.
The surgery, in practice, is performed in the microscopic world within about 3cm length of wound. The surgical loupes that we use have similar structures to the microscope used in microscopic surgery, and we can operate in the same way as anastmosing 2-3mm vessels. We feel that the numerous experiences of tissue transplantation by microvascular anastomosis in Osaka University Hospital are found to be useful. Additionally, surgical wound of the eyelids are often said to become inconspicuous, but in actually we encountered many troubles of ugly eyelid scars. In our clinic, we preserve subcutaneous tissue as far as possible in order to not become bumpy, and as well, the eyelid skin wounds were sutured carefully in the same manner as microvascular anastomosis in microscopic surgery.