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Laser Based Cosmetic Skin Treatment


We have introduced Laser Therapies since August, 2013. We consider the laser therapy is inevitable, as a part of the treatment of plastic surgery as well as the service for patient. We have performed laser therapy during at Osaka Central Hospital, but using newer machine in our clinic for more than one year, We feel the machine considerably improves its performance. Particularly, "Laser Toning", a new laser therapy of "Skin Care" type, we think, provides peerless satisfaction in terms of safety and the ease of post-theraputic care as well as efficiency.


MedLite C6 Image

Q-Switch Laser beam selectively destroy melanin pigment in human skin without giving damage to the circumjacent tissue. This time, we introduced one of such Laser Equips - Q-Switch Nd:Yag Laser, "MedLite C6." This equipment features the function of the mode of "Laser Toning" as well as the conventional mode of removing freckle, nevus and tattoo. Additionally, we have the impression that this equipment have relatively much better efficiency in the therapy of freckle.


LaserToning logo Image

"Laser Toning" is a Laser Therapy which is a type of skin care using "MedLite C6." This therapy irradiate laser beam all over the face evenly, which takes 5-10 minutes. After this therapy, no gauze covering nor ointment care was necessary at all, and the patient can apply cosmetic makeups as usual. This therapys are performed once a week and a series of therapy completes in 5-10 times. This therapy improves facial skin colors and conditions.


CO2 LASER Image and Logo

CO2 Laser is innevitable in the therapy of Plastic Surgery. This equipment plays a role of, as it were, "a small scalpel." It digs and shaves the tissue and removes skin lesions, such as a tiny mole, a bulge of mole on the eyelid margin, a freckle with irregular surface, a skin tag and so on.